Weapon NFTs - Slots

Weapon NFTs - Slots


• If a weapon has a slot it can be equipped with an attachment called a cartridge, which comes in five rarity levels: crude (common), unpolished(uncommon), not classified (rare), lustrous (mythic), and flawless (eldritch).

• Cartridges can be equipped in any type of weapon and can be removed for a fee of 250dvk.

• Players can enhance their cartridges through merging: combining two 1-star cartridges results in a 2-star cartridge, merging three 2-star cartridges yields a 3-star cartridge, and so on.

The following cartridges currently exist:
• +X critical chance.
• On a critical landing, heal X% of max HP.
• +X speed on start combat.
• On a critical landing apply X poison to target for 2 turns.
• On a missed attack, get X speed.
• On a killing blow, apply X% agility up to a random teammate for 2 turns.
• +X٪ critical damage
• +X% strength
• +X% agility
• On a critical landing, X٪ chance of paralyzing the target for Y turns.
• On a critical landing, X٪ chance of causing sleep to the target.
• On a killing blow, X% chance of reviving a random teammate with Y% max HP.