Combat - Status effects

Combat - Status effects

Status effect are modifiers which are active for a certain amount of time. 

The following status effects are currently in the game.

  • Accuracy | Modifier: Accuracy | Effect: Increase or decrease the likelihood of skills successfully affecting the targeted unit(s)
  • Ancestry Rivalry (e.g. Lunarian Rivalry, or Khoroth Rivalry) | Modifier: Ancestry Rivalry | Effect: Bonus Critical Chance against associated Ancestry
  • Bad Luck | Modifier: Bad Luck | Effect: Unable to deal Critical damage
  • Berserk | Modifier: Berserk | Effect: Can only use offensive skills
  • Broken Arm | Modifier: Disarmed | Effect: Cannot use offensive skills
  • Condition Resistance (e.g. Bad Luck Resistance, or Nightmare Resistance) | Modifier: Condition Resistance | Effect: Chance to prevent associated Condition when applied. Bracelets have this effect permanently.
  • Confused | Modifier: Confusion | Effect: If unit is affected by condition Confusion, when using a skill they have a 50% chance to use a different skill  or/and on a different target
  • Cursed | Modifier: Curse | Effect: After Curse reaches 0, the affected unit will die
  • Decay | Modifier: Decay | Effect: Decreases Maximum HP temporarily
  • Distracted | Modifier: Distraction | Effect: 50% change to be unable to act, and then forced to pass turn
  • Elemental Aura (e.g. Life Aura, or Void Aura) | Modifier: Elemental Aura | Effect: Halves damage taken by associated element
  • Focused | Modifier: Focus | Effect: Bypass conditions Provoking and Stealth
  • Guard | Modifier: Guard | Effect: Reduces chance of an incoming attack to be a Critical Hit by Guard %
  • Inspired | Modifier: Strength | Effect: Increases Strength attribute
  • Invigorated | Modifier: Defense | Effect: Increases Defense attribute
  • Lethargic | Modifier: Agility | Effect: Decreases Agility attribute
  • Nightmare | Modifier: Nightmare | Effect: If unit is affected by condition Sleep, receive Scare damage at turn start
  • Paralyzed | Modifier: Paralyze | Effect: Cannot act, forced to pass turn
  • Poison | Modifier: Poison | Effect: Causes damage over time. Damage occurs at turn start. Bypasses Protection stat
  • Prey Mark | Modifier: Prey | Effect: While a unit is affected by condition Prey Mark, units attacking it have a bonus accuracy of +50
  • Protection | Modifier: Protection | Effect: Extra, unhealable HP. Represented by a blue bar above the health bar.
  • Provoking | Modifier: Provoke | Effect: Taunt, become the only available target
  • Rage | Modifier: Rage | Effect: While a unit is affected by condition Rage, they deal extra damage with their next offensive skill. Condition is cleared after one attack
  • Revive | Modifier: Revive | Effect: Brings a dead fighter back to life
  • Scared | Modifier: SP | Effect: When Scare meter is full, all attacks against this target are guaranteed to be a Critical hit. Represented by a red bar under the health bar.
  • Shielded | Modifier: Shield | Effect: Nullify next instance of damage
  • Sick | Modifier: Defense | Effect: Decreases Defense attribute
  • Sleep | Modifier: Sleep | Effect: Units affected by condition Sleep cannot act, and are forced to pass their turn. Units affected by condition Sleep have a 50% chance upon turn end to remove Sleep
  • Stealth | Modifier: Stealth | Effect: Cannot be targeted
  • Swift | Modifier: Agility | Effect: Increases Agility attribute
  • Weakened | Modifier: Strength | Effect: Decreases Strength attribute

The following status modifiers are not yet in game but resistance to them can be found on bracelets. 

  • Bleeding | Modifier: Bleed | Effect: Causes damage over time, applied at turn start and every time the target unit uses a skill. Bypasses protection and stacks up to three times
  • Blind | Modifier: Blind | Effect: Affected unit has a 50% chance of missing any offensive skill