Combat - Ancestry Elemental Resistance and Weakness

Combat - Ancestry Elemental Resistance and Weakness


The ancestry of an attacked Devikin or monster determines its resistance, neutrality, or weakness to certain elements.

Example: A Lunarian attacked by a weapon with the Rot element suffers extra damage.

The table above roughly describes the weakness, neutrality, and resistance of a Devikin against the elements.

But the actual percentages differ for each cell.

So at first glance, life does not seem very good because three of the ancestries have resistance against it. But this might be only 5%, resulting in 95% damage (not real numbers). While in another cell, the resistance can be up to 75%, resulting in only 25% damage.

• Weakness: 125% to 200% damage

• Neutral: 100% damage

• Resist: 25% to 75% damage

You can view the ancestry and element of your opponent, Devikin, or monster by pressing the magnifying glass at the bottom left corner of the screen.