Devikons procreate using the procreation machine accessed from the roster.
The incubator required is defined by the highest rarity of the two Devikins.
Choose the two Devikins to procreate. Insert the right incubator and pay the fee.
After 12 hours, the embryo will be delivered, and the procreation left of the parents is decreased.
The embryo will have the same procreation as the lowest parent (after the decrease for procreating).



Even though the system is called procreation,Devikin are genderless.

The procreation mechanic is a way of minting new Devikins.Procreation offers a more controlled outcome of your Devikin mint,since the new Devikin is a mix of the two sources with a small chance of mutations.

A Mutation is when a gene or affinity inheritance is bypassed and rolled anew. There are some genes that can only be obtained by rolling for a mutation gene, this gene is given the rarity Mutated. The chanceof having a mutated gene during a mutation is 1%.

Each individual Devikin can procreate up to 10 times. The DVK procreation cost increases with procreation count. A Devikin cannot procreate with immediate relatives. A relative is considered any of thesources (parents), or any offspring of the sources (siblings or niblings).

Procreation can only be performed inside the Devikins game, so while the game is not released, procreation will not be available.

While procreating, not all characteristics can be inherited, nor have a mutation chance. Personalities, for instance, have just a small chance to be inherited by any offspring. Most offspring will have their own personality.

When Procreating, the Procreation Count (maximum amount of times a Devikin can Procreate) gets passed onto the offspring. To be more specific, the Devikin with the lowest Procreations remaining has its passed on-1. An example of this would be a player Procreates using two Devikin, one of whom has 7 Counts left, and the other has 2.The resulting Devikin would have 1 Procreation remaining, taking from the lowest.

In essence, if you Procreate using two Devikin, the one with the lowest Procreations remaining has that number of uses passed on.

Speaking further regarding the new Devikin that appears as a result of Procreation - the highest Overall Affinity or, in this case, raritythey can end up as, can only be one tier of rarity above the lowest used in Procreation. Explained further, this means that if you take an uncommon Devikin (30-340A) and a Mythic Devikin (41-490A) and use them for Procreation, the highest rarity the resulting Devikin can be is Rare (35-400A).
An even more radical example of this would be Procreating using aMythic, and a Common Devikin. The highest possible rarity to resultfrom their Procreation would be an Uncommon Devikin.
However there are limitless incubators which remove this ceiling.

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