#Void Coins



Buying DVK directly in game with Fiat resulted in several issues:

• The difference between purchase prices of DVK in in-game shop and crypto exchange allowed manipulation of DVK price.

• Apple, Google increasingly restrain the direct use of Crypto in their app stores.

• DVK will not be used only in Devikins, but in other places, and for that reason a less directly linked in-game economy is necessary.


How Voidcoin will be used, Phase1:

• Players can buy Voidcoin, not a crypto, in the in-game store with Fiat and DVK.

• In-game purchases are bought with Voidcoin and fees except for MP fees are in Voidcoin

• Voidcoin cannot be used to buy DVK in-game.

• Voidcoin has a fixed value pegged to $USD.

• The DVK pool will keep using DVK at this stage.

• Event rewards, including PvP, will contain both Voidcoins and DVK.

• In the Marketplace, DVK will be used at this stage.

• DVK and in-game items can be bought from the website.

• DVK can be purchased from the bitcoin.me exchange, website, and swapped in Klever Wallet.

The website changes are not yet available.

Link to announcement:


The number on the voidcoin icon in shop represents bags of 1000 DVK.
If you click on them it will say the exact number of Voidcoin you receive.

 *** More Coming soon ***