Rituals - Sacrifice

Rituals - Sacrifice


• The sacrifice ritual involves sacrificing four devikin NFTs of the same rarity to obtain an embryo of the next rarity.

• Without an Omulet, all four sacrifices are burned regardless of the outcome.

• With an Omulet, the devikins and the Omulet are burned upon success, while only the Omulet is burned upon failure, sparing the sacrifices.

• The success rates vary based on the rarity of the sacrificed devikins, with a 100% chance for common, 50% for uncommon, 20% for rare, and 2% for mythic devikins.

• Due to the unpredictable nature of RNG, multiple consecutive failures are possible, with cases of over 40 failed attempts in a row when sacrificing common devikins.

• Successful sacrifices result in the new embryo arriving in the player's roster within approximately 30 minutes, accompanied by a notification in the inbox, although claiming the notification is not mandatory since the embryo is placed directly in the roster.

• Seasonal mints can also be obtained through the sacrifice ritual.