Weapon or Equipment NFT - Transcending

Weapon or Equipment NFT - Transcending

• After a weapon is fully upgraded, players can transcend it to increase its rarity by one step while retaining its quality but with only one star filled.

• The scaling, critical chance, and critical damage are rerolled based on the starting table of the new rarity, which may result in lower scaling if it was higher than the minimum for the new rarity.

• Although this mechanism may seem illogical, it offers a gradual path to obtaining eldritch weapons, considering the rarity of eldritch mints.

• While transcending carries the risk of obtaining a weaker weapon, especially with masterpieces, these weapons have the potential to become the most powerful when fully upgraded to 5-star eldritch weapons.

• On the other hand, not transcending also has its advantages, as a fully upgraded 5-star uncommon weapon can be more powerful and cost-effective to restore compared to most rare or even mythic weapons.

• To minimize the risk of stat reduction during transcendence, it is recommended to have the materials ready for three improvements before transcending a masterpiece and two improvements for excellent weapons.