Earning - DVK Pool

Earning - DVK Pool

Earning - DVK Pool

Every week, there is a DVK Pool that is divided among the players based on the number of Mynth Seeds they have collected.
The size of this pool is periodically adjusted based on the number of players.

Mynth Seeds can be obtained from:

• Void Adventures-
• Daily Chores
• Crates 
• Rewards
• Achievement
• Drops from PVE
• Special Events

The Mynthe Seeds pool DVK rewards make it possible for F2P players to slowly build up a roster to use in Void adventures by using these DVK to buy cheap NFTs on the marketplace.

Many veteran players have built a big roster this way and are now competitive PvP players by investing time instead of money. But it is a slow process taking about a year. 

It requires focusing on the Void Adventures instead of getting good PvP Devikins.

Investing in MAD and a few cheap weapons  will speed things up a lot, and you usually can get that investment back by selling farmed items on the marketplace.

It is key, however, not to withdraw DVK from the game before you have a good roster and are competitive. Void Adventures, PvE, and PvP need a large variety of Devikins. And combat needs a variety of weapons and equipment.