VA - Void Adventures

VA - Void Adventures


• Void Adventures (VA) are daily missions that Devikins can embark on, requiring specific Devikins and a pink ticket for entry.

• While on a VA, Devikins cannot procreate or participate in rituals but can engage in combat.

• Successful VAs yield rewards upon the Devikins' return after a set time.

• The chances for each reward of a succesful Vault Adventure are calculated separately. A VA can be a success  But the rewards checks can still fail. In the above example there are 3 possible outcomes: VA fails = no rewards, VA succeeds and green crystals are not found = only seeds as rewards, VA succeeds and Crystals were found = seeds and crystals as rewards.

• Pink tickets can be obtained through various means, including daily chores, other VAs, the Wicked Well, PvP rewards, free packs, and the marketplace.

• Notably, certain VAs don't involve Devikins but instead transform materials, such as creating forge materials from dust, summoning pets, or participating in special events.