Game Rules


Please read these rules carefully. By logging into the game you accept them and are presumed to abide by them in both spirit and letter.

Devikins is first and foremost a game and its rules are meant to create a fair game with a pleasant community.

Rules of sportsmanship and civil society apply and any breach of these or the rules underneath is punishable by any means Moonlabs see fit , including permanent ban from the game and access to the account’s loot .



  • Hacking, modifying code, reverse engineering, spoofing and other attempts to change or impersonate the game are all strictly forbidden.

  • Intercepting of network communication by any means is strictly forbidden.

  • Using any type of automation to replace human interaction is forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to bots and autoclickers.

  • The use of any type of emulator is forbidden.

  • Use of open source Android builds ,which can be modified, is forbidden.

  • Use of Android without Google Play Services is forbidden since these services are required by the game.

  • The use of temporary or disposable email to register, login or verify is forbidden.

Bugs, flaws and exploits. 

  • Bugs, flaws and exploits are to be reported in email or DM to Moonlabs support through the appropriate channels.

  • Bugs, flaws and exploits should not be used unless explicitly allowed by Moonlabs.

  • Bugs, flaws and exploits should not be shared with anybody outside of the Moonlabs Team. Sharing them in any type of group will lead to immediate ban.


  • Only 2 accounts per owner are allowed.

  • Devikins is first a game and owners are expected to play themselves. Scholar systems or any other variation where other people play for a salary, for free or any kind of remuneration are not allowed.

  • Sharing of an account is forbidden and therefore so are pilots. This ensures that a single account can not dominate PvP 24/7. All other forms of smurfing are forbidden.

  • Only 1 account is allowed per device. But you can have that account on multiple devices.

  • Only English alphabet characters, numbers and characters available on the English Gboard are allowed as account names. The use of other characters is forbidden. Please change your names if necessary ASAP.

Behavior in game, in chat and on Moonlabs social media.

  • Civil society rules apply.

  • This means, but is not limited to:

    • No racism, sexism or any type of discrimination.

    • Note that our players are from very different cultures though and customs and the meaning of certain words differ. Therefore any such accusation should be sent in private to support.

    • No fake news, lies or stating things as facts while they are opinions. 

    • No trolling or causing drama for the sake of it. Devikins should be a friendly environment for all players including children. Actions intended to hurt others can lead to being banned. 

    • No criticism or accusing of other players. These things should be sent to support in private.

    • No stalking of players in game or on Moonlabs social media.

    • Keep your chat limited to game issues.

Competition and Gameplay

  • The use of loopholes in the rules is forbidden. The spirit of the law will be enforced.

  • Any form of matchmaking is forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to the forms of matchmaking underneath.

  •  Intentionally losing a fight is forbidden and reason for a ban of the loser but also potentially the winner.

  • Entering PvP with clearly inappropriate feeder accounts/teams is forbidden.

    • If you notice a player repeatedly intentionally losing or entering a clearly inappropriate team, this must be reported to support to ensure you are not implicated in matchfixing. 

    • We are aware that there are some uneven matches right now so these cases will be investigated, but some teams are clear attempts at match fixing or feeding points to alts, guildmates or other friends 

  • Boosting, the act of giving another player temporary access to an account or NFT in order to increase either the account or the NFTs strength or level, is forbidden.

    • This includes temporarily sharing NFTs for another player to open new worlds in Story Mode, paying other players to level up NFTs and then give or sell them back. 

Whether or not the NFTs block has expired or that the Marketplace is used is irrelevant.

  • These are just ways to make this illegal behavior harder. It does not mean that other ways to share are allowed. 

  • Any form of win/trading is forbidden. 


In-game global chat is to be used for helping other players and advertising requests on the marketplace.

It is NOT allowed to use it to:
- Troll, insult, or accuse others.
- Advise or discuss other games.
- Hold monologues or talk with guild members. Use guild chat  for that.
- Spread FUD.
- Tell half-truths or criticize developers by mentioning only part of the story. For instance, calling an update a "money grab" but not mentioning that DVK rewards are back.
- Repeat the same things over and over, ignoring any explanation and obviously not bothering to read announcements.

The same rules apply to the Devikins Discord, which is the official discussion forum for players to talk to other players. and the official guide are the websites used to inform players.