Combat - Combatant screen

Combat - Combatant screen


The combatant screen of a devikin is accessible by tapping on the devikin during combat. 

The details of NPCs like monsters cannot be viewed.

The values in this screen are dynamic. They constantly change based on their associated modifiers.

Modifiers visible on the screen are already applied to the values on the left.

So in the above example, the 982 strength already includes the +163 status effect.

However, some modifiers like certain cartridges are applied at the start of a turn, not before the turn, so their effects are not visible on this screen.


For instance, the chance to hit calculations include elemental proficiencies determined by ancestry, accuracy of the weapon of the attacker, and evasion of the target.

On this screen, you can find useful information about your opponent or yourself:

• HP: Current and maximum Hit Points. If they reach 0, the devikin is dead.

• Scare: Current/max. If scare reaches its maximum, all attacks after that are critical hits.

• Strength: The Strength of your Devikin based on either power or sanity and the weapon you have equipped. Strength is used in damage calculations.

• Defense: Defense is used in damage calculations. It is based on fortitude and equipment.

• Agility: Agility is used in determining turn order.

• Critical Chance: The chance you land a critical hit. It is based on your weapon.

• Critical Damage: The damage you cause with a critical hit. Based on your weapon.

• Evasion: The chance to evade a hit and not take any damage. Based on equipment.

Note that although these values are often expressed as percentages, it does not mean that a value of 100% guarantees success. They are used in formulas, not applied directly.

There are also conditions to them.

Even with a 150% critical chance, you must first hit the target before you can crit.

On the combatant screen, you will also find information about your currently equipped weapon, equipment, resistances, and status effects.

Note that if you have chips equiped there is a small next to them to see the complete second one.