Sending Devikins NFT from TRON to Game

This article aims to help users who own NFTs on the Tron network to send their NFTs to the Devikins Game app.


1. Viewing your NFTs

To start, I'll show you a "simple" way to view your NFTs so you can choose which NFT you want to send and review the items you own.

Screenshot 2024 05 08 at 11.39.48

Access this URL:, replacing YOURADDRESSHERE with your TRON wallet address of the NFTs in you Klever Wallet, and you will see the list of NFTs you own. Each NFT will display the image and ID of your NFT... so you can visually choose which NFT you would like to send to the game.

Note that this address is not your TRON in‐game address.

2. Copy your TRON address within the game

Access the Devikins Game app and copy your TRON address. Make sure you are copying your TRON address; TRON addresses always start with the letter "T".

Tron Address

3. Connecting your wallet

When using mobile, launch Klever Wallet and open the web browser from within it.

Next,yoou should access the website and connect your Klever wallet, whether it's your Browser Extension or your app.

After connecting your wallet, you should access the Wallet menu, as shown in the video.

Within the Wallet menu, click on SEND. A modal will open with the sending options. Fill in the receiving address with your TRON address from the game. Select the Token, which you'll find in the Collectibles list, and then select the NFT you want to send using the ID you noted in the first step.

Then simply confirm the transaction in your wallet, and you're all set!


Klever Wallet Extension


Klever Wallet App