Earning with your hobby

• Most web3 games prioritize profit and use scholarship systems for repetitive tasks, attracting scammers and resembling pyramid schemes.
• Legitimate web3 games often take years to become profitable unless backed by big studios.
• Devikins focuses on rich gameplay like web2 JRPGs and provides players with ownership of critical game resources using blockchain.

• Unlike Web2 games where players' investments are lost upon ceasing to play, Devikins let's quiting players sell their Assets legally.

• Within Devikins, players can earn DVk rewards, trade NFTs and in-game resources, and even transfer their NFTs or DVk outside the game for diverse uses.

• This opens up exciting possibilities, such as third-party games that incorporate Devikins NFTs.

• Devikins prioritizes gameplay and enjoyment over solely earning money, ensuring that playing the game remains a fun and engaging hobby rather than a laborious task.