• The Cosmetics tab in your inventory lists all the cosmetic items you own.

• These items have no in-game effects and serve purely visual purposes.

• Their value lies in their art and rarity, attracting collectors.

• Some cosmetics are limited editions, available only once or during specific events.

• To prevent new players from unknowingly flooding the market and lowering prices, certain cosmetic items are initially untradeable.

There are three types of Cosmetic items:
• Players can modify the appearance of their weapons by applying skins in the inventory weapons tab, but the original skin will be lost if another skin is applied.
• While scrapping a weapon returns its skin, destroying the weapon is the only way to retrieve an applied skin.
• Once applied, skins cannot be retrieved through any other means.

• Costumes are applied to a devikin to change its appearance. This is done in the team management screen.
• Devikins can switch costumes and the costumes are returned to the inventory when not worn.

• Pets are stored in the cosmetic section of your inventory.
• The pet can be selected in the team management screen.
• Pet skins are returned to the inventory when replaced.