Real-time or synchronized PvP is only available during PvP events, which can last a few days or up to a month.


 • Dummykins or replicas cannot be used in  Real time PvP.

• PVP is unlocked by finishing Traininggrounds in PVE.

• A team can consist of 1 to 4 Devikins. 

• PvP is held in one of three arenas:
-Pauper Arena: Only common Devikins allowed.
-100 OA Arena: The total overall affinity of the team cannot be over 100.
-Unlimited Arena: Any NFT Devikin is allowed.

• There are five divisions, and on day 1, all players start in the lowest bronze division.

• When searching for an online opponent, the same division  is searched first, but if no opponent is found, adjacent ones will be searched.

• Since on the first day of a PvP season, all players start with 0 points in Bronze, on this day, new players with low-level common Devikins can match with top players with full level 100 Eldritch teams, especially early in the day.

• Later in the season, it can be hard for players in Bronze to Platinum to find a match because the 100 most active players will be in the top Overlord division.

• This is especially true for players in time zones  with fewer players.

• PvP uses energy called momentum.

• Each fight costs 1 momentum, and 1 momentum is regained every 30 minutes.

• After fighting an opponent, you cannot match with the same one for 4 hours.

• The days of the week determine which Arena is open:
-Monday: Common
-Tuesday: 100 OA
-Wednesday: Unlimited
-Thursday: Common
-Friday: 100 OA
-Saturday and Sunday: All

• Requirements:
-Real-time PvP needs a good network connection and enough free memory.
-Ensure a good, uninterrupted signal to your router or use a 4G data connection. 4G has a wider range than 5G and may be the better option.
-Make sure to close other apps and background apps and clear the cache.
Using a game launcher may do all this for you.

• -"Failure to establish a connection with an opponent."
This happens when you are matched with an opponent who signals back that they are free but does not react to further signals. This can mean he loses his connection before the fight starts, but also that he matched with another just before you, and that signal is slow to reach the server.
This error does not cost any momentum.

• "Failed to find opponent. Do you want to try again?" With "not found match" in red.
-This is exactly what it says. It could not find a free online opponent.

• "Failed to find opponent. Do you want to try again?" With "Server error" in red.
-This is a yet unfixed bug that unfortunately costs 1 momentum.

• "Combat State is uncorrespondent."
-This error does not cost momentum.
-This error can have several causes.
‐One common cause is a corrupted team stored in the cache or, worse, on the server. This can be either your own team or your opponent's team.
If you get this often with different players, it is likely your own team that is the problem.
If you get this error twice in a row, please restart the game and clear the cache from the print screen.
If you keep getting this error, delete your team and recreate it. Also, make sure you do not have more than 3 pages of teams. 
Another indication of a corrupted team is a "failure to save team" message when exiting the team management screen.