Rules - Player Behaviour

**Player Behaviour or: Boosting, Match-Fixing, Smurfing, and More**

Devikins is both a Web3 game and a competitive game, and with that comes expectations of behaviour and player conduct that runs the same line as other, similar titles. If these rules of conduct are broken, players may be met with temporary or even permanent account suspensions.

To better explain things, we find an apt analogy would be to describe many of the below behaviours as “E-Doping.” Fair play and good sportsmanship are all expected of the Devikins community, and with Devikins being a competitive game at its core having this framework is good not just for competition, but for the health of the game as a whole.

The use of software such as bots, mods, or the exploitation of loopholes or bugs to circumvent intended gameplay or provide an unfair advantage over other players are all considered breaches of conduct. Emulators have been, are, and will continue to be prohibited.

Matchmaking abuse covers a wide variety of behaviours, with the key few being boosting, smurfing, botting, and win trading/match fixing. Matchmaking abuse is, once more, a bannable offense.

For further clarification, Boosting refers to high-skilled players obtaining access to a lower skilled player’s account for the purpose of increasing its rank. Smurfing refers to either creating alt accounts with the purpose of sweeping lower ranked players, or intentionally losing to lower your rank enough to sweep lower ranked players.

Finally, any and all abuse of other players be it written, verbal, or via the systems of the game within and without can and will result in account suspension. We expect all players to conduct themselves fairly, responsibly, and with respect to both themselves and their competitors.