EQUIPMENT SLOTS & CHIPS (updated 19-Apr-2024)

• Some equipment has a slot and can be enhanced with chips, which are specific to the type of equipment. 

• Chips come in five rarity levels: crude (common), unpolished(uncommon), not classified (rare), lustrous (mythic), and flawless (eldritch). 

• Players can enhance their cartridges through merging: combining two 1-star cartridges results in a 2-star cartridge, merging three 2-star cartridges yields a 3-star cartridge, and so on. 

• Removing a chip costs 250 DVK. 

• Necklace chips provide accuracy bonuses for large or small guns, speed boosts upon taking damage, and paralysis resistance. 

• Bracelet chips increase maximum health, defense when wielding a sword and shield, and attack power after evading. 

• Undies chips offer critical chance bonuses for daggers and hatchets, critical damage bonuses for fists and bows, strength bonuses for great swords, hammers, spears, and scythes, as well as curse and evasion resistance. 

• Socks chips provide evasion bonuses for wands, books, and staffs, sleep resistance, and protection at the start of combat.