Weapon NFT - Attributes

Weapon NFT - Attributes

WEAPON NFTS - ATTRIBUTES (modified 17-04-2024)

Weapons are NFTs that can be used in ge or traded on the Klever Blockchain.

Weapons have the following attributes:
• Type: Fist spear, club, etc.

• Rarity: This determines the range on which scaling values are rolled when they are minted or transcended.

• Element: The type of damage the weapon does.

• Sync or Desync: Some weapons do extra elemental damage depending on the genes of the wielder.

• Quality: Represented by stars, determines how often a weapon can be improved before transcending to the next rarity.

• Scaling: The base damage of a weapon, rolled on a scale at the time of minting or transcending.

• Critical chance: The base chance to land a critical hit.

• Critical Damage: The extra damage done by a critical hit.

• Speed modifier: Used to determine turn order.  The higher, the better.

• Durability: Each battle decreases the durability of a weapon by 1. At 50%, any Sync or Desync bonuses are lost. At 0, scaling is halved.

• Accuracy: Gives a bonus to hit chance or, more precisely, the success chance of a skill. Hammers have high scaling but a -15 accuracy, which makes them miss more often.