FORGE (modified 19-Apr‐2024

In the forge building, you can forge items using the appropriate forge materials.

• The Weapon Forge uses Hammers to mint Weapon NFTs.

• The Equipment Forge uses Cloth to mint Equipment NFTs.

• The Skill Forge uses Tapes to produce Skills. These are NOT NFTs.

• The Random Forge uses Keys and gives one of the following items (NOT NFTs): Weapon  Skin, Pet Skin, Costume, or Attachment (Chip or Cartridge).

Magnificent Forge (pity system)

Within each forge you are guaranteed at least one Mythic or Eldritch item each 50 forges. Once a Mythic or Eldritch Item is forged the counter is reset to 0.

Forge Odds:

• Common: 60%

• Uncommon: 29%

• Rare: 10%

• Mythic: 0.95%

• Eldritch: 0.05%