Devikins NFTs
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Eldritch fun in Web3

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Devikin Embryo
Devikid Toddler Nursery - Sanity Nursery - Vitality Nursery - Satisfaction
Devikin Adult with weapon
  • Nursery Screen : Train your devikids to enhance his skills
    Train your devikids

    Train your Devikins for evolution

    Hatch Embryos and train Devikids to improve their skills and make them strong adults. Assemble your battle teams.

  • Devikins Battles Screen Story Mode
    Devikin Weapon

    Improve your weapons and fighting power

    Equip your Devikin to boost its fighting power. Include weapons and equipment available in your inventory.

  • Wicked Well Screen
    Mistery Box Screen

    Complete Chores to receive rewards.

    Complete Chores, embark on Void adventures, and receive items that will elevate your journey.

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Devikins Guilds

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