Eldritch fun, fueled by Crypto

Devikins is a turn-based RPG mixed with character breeding, all of it fueled by crypto tokens, used in lieu of non-valued game currency


How to Start?
Download and install Klever Wallet on your phone. Download links are below.
TRX is required for gas fees. Please see the Devikins Shop for the current required gas fee.
After completing later steps, the Devikins Shop can be found at:https://klevernft.com/shop/devikins

Transfer TRX to Klever Wallet from your preferred exchange.
Swap TRX to DVK, leaving enough TRX leftover for gas fees.
Gas fees are currently ~36 TRX for the Basic Pack (1 NFT), and scale accordingly. A higher number is stated on our store page for the sake of preventing energy errors and failed transactions.
What are Devikins?

Devikins NFTs are the playable characters of the RPG game, Devikins. Players can collect, breed, grow, and battle with their Devikins NFTs. A Devikins NFT is addressed as a Devikin, a cute being originally from the Void, the main world of Devikins game. A Devikin exists inside of Devikins and outside of it. You do not have to be a player to collect these adorable rascals. You can hold them in your wallet and never bring it to the game.

What makes a Devikin?

In Devikins there are different rarities, elements that regulate how fast a Devikin’s attributes grow, and characteristics that will determinate how your Devikin will look and behave. Here are some of the ingredients that will make your character even more unique!


Are what shapes a Devikin's face

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Is what shapes their behavior

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There are different rarities for affinity and genes

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An ancestry defines their skin tone

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Regulate how fast a Devikin’s attributes grow when leveling up

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Overall Affinity

Summing a Devikin's affinities gives you their Overall Affinity

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How to purchase NFTs

For more detailed information, check out our Whitepaper below.
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Devicoin (DVK) is a utility token used as the main currency of Devikins, although, these tokens aren’t your ordinary game currency with no real-world value. Devicoins are a crypto currency that may be exchanged with other crypto-currencies in the real world and eventually be exchanged using fiat currency.

Contract address
Total Staked DVK
Market Cap
Market cap is used as an indicator of the dominance and popularity of cryptocurrencies
Circulating Supply
Circulating Supply is the total number of coins or tokens that are actively available for trade and are being used in the market and in general public.
Fully Diluted Valuation
The definition of a fully diluted market capitalisation is the total value of the crypto at today's price if the entire future supply of coins were in circulation.
Max Supply
Max supply is the best approximation of the maximum amount of coins that will ever exist in the lifetime of the cryptocurrency.
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Devikins + Klever

MoonLabs, the studio behind Devikins - works hand in hand with Klever as part of their KleverLabs program. One of the top names in the field, Klever is the Blockchain consultant on Devikins, and allows for a smooth experience for players and investors alike.


Characters in Devikins are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), unique tokens in the blockchain. A Devikin (NFT character) has several features meant to highlight their uniqueness in the real world, features that translate to mechanics in the game.

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How to trade NFTs on Klever NFT Marketplace


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