Devicoin (DVK) is a utility token used as the main currency of Devikins, although, these tokens aren’t your ordinary game currency with no real-world value. Devicoins are a crypto currency that may be exchanged with other crypto-currencies in the real world and eventually be exchanged using fiat currency.

Acquiring Devicoins

  • Playing Devikins and fulfilling in-game missions
  • Earning in the Weekly League competition
  • Earning by completing Scavenger Missions
  • Exchanging them in Crypto Exchanges
  • Selling Devikins NFT in the marketplace
  • Staking them with initial 16% APR

Spending Devicoins

  • Purchasing Devikins’ NFT pack at discount
  • Purchasing in-game items and offers
  • Paying Devikins’ VIP pass fees;
  • Paying Devikins’ Game Mechanic fees


Players will be able to stake their DVK in the Klever Wallet. Staking returns will be 16% APR initially (within the first month).
Afterwards, 12% APR for the remaining of 2021; 10% APR in 2022, and 8% APR in 2023.
APR is valid for a full year while staked. After the anniversary period, the staking will be automatically unstaked and players will be able to stake it again at the current APR.


Max Supply: 10,000,000,000
Initial Supply: 3,600,000,000