Characters in Devikins are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), unique tokens in the blockchain. A devikin (NFT character) gets several features to highlight their uniqueness in the real world that translate as game mechanics in the game.

Anatomy of a devikin:

  • Genes: a devikin’s visuals are composed of several genetic factors. The shape of their eyes, mouth and nose, ears, hair style, horns, and skin tone. Due to variation is unlikely that a devikin will look exactly like any other
  • Ancestry: All devikins descend from one of five ancestries existing in Devikins lore. Its ancestry is easily identifiable by skin tone.
  • Personality: devikins have their own aspirations, dreams, and mood determined by their personality. This slightly changes their progression in game and interaction with game mechanics.
  • Affinity: Attribute affinity is a vital piece for competitive player, as it shapes the devikin attribute progression. Moreover, it is fixed at the NFT mint time, which means that higher affinities will have great appeal in the marketplace.